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The Path to Sustainable
TBML Compliance

The complexity of international trade makes TBML monitoring challenging. Existing research suggest digitization and automation as solutions. However, these suggestions have yielded very little results and does not solve the underlying TBML monitoring problem.

The objective of our Anti TMBL solution is to provide compliance practitioners with tools to conduct their Trade Finance cases more effectively.

Conduct TBML specific rules based on FATF recommendations such as: Falsified Shipments, Mis-invoicing, Falsified Letter of Credit, Misrepresetnatio of Quality

Aerial View of Containers
Cargo Ship

4 / Manufactured estimated prices & weight

Search and compare manufactured goods prices and their weight against trade finance documents

5 / Document & data analytics

Text analytics and document image analysis to identify potentially suspicious documents

6 / Evidence-based documentation

Soft copy version of documents ready to be attached to case investigation as evidence

1 / Vessel tracking and intelligence

Discover information and positions for vessels around the world in real time with tracking history

2 / Commodity price & weight

Search and compare commodity prices and weight with trade finance documents

3 / Shipping container tracking and intelligence

Discover information and container locations around the world

Why current TBML solutions
don't work?

Only 9%

Of banks reported that digitiation led to reduction of time and costs

OCR Digitization and RPA automation will not solve the problem

1 out of 4

payment methods, banks are required to authenticate shipping documents

Complex Trade Finance document review by compliance is challenging


of payment methods for international trade is through open accounts

TBML rules that rely on documents will not capture open accounts payments


of Banks' trade operations capacity is consumed by manual reviews by compliance

Compliance teams are not equipped with Trade Finance specific tools to help them

Container Ship
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